Why Tucanos Perú?

Our itineraries are thoughtfully planned and not pre-packaged trips purchased from other companies. We use our creativity to design trips that our clients will enjoy. We carefully choose the destinations, to provide our clients with exceptional and enriching travel experiences, we select the appropriate accommodations, and work with local providers we trust. We care and pay attention to every details that make every trip exceptional.

Our desire to offer innovative and exciting itineraries is matched by our personalise service.
Our passion for travel is what brought us together. Our desire to share that passion through quality trips is what keeps us together. Travel may be our profession but it is not a job for us. It is a way of life. Our reward comes in knowing our clients like what we do. Real passion is easy to recognize, When you love what you do you can’t hide the enthusiasm.

It’s impossible to design a great trip without knowing what you’re doing. Our travel team is young enough to be enthusiastic and old enough to have years of experience in the travel industry. If our experience is an important part in making dreams come true it is more important when things go wrong you can count on our professional team to help keep your trip on track.

We believe in what we do and that what we do matters. We want you to see that our trips are different, our trips are designed with our clients in mind. We want you to understand how travel and TUCANOS PERÚ are different. Your travel experience begins and ends with us.
Have you ever thought about what a gift it is to travel? Or how fortunate we are to have the health and financial power. Many people don’t have that opportunity. Not everyone can afford to leave their country even if doing so would change and inspire them. We believe that travel does change people and that it is a way to inspire the person who travels. We believe travel can bring cultures together to remind us that we are more alike than we are different.

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